Academic Speedback has been updated!

The elves have been very busy to make assessment that little bit easier.

In version 8 you get:

  • Rebranded Tool: Academic Speedback was The Collation Tool. LMS refers to a standard Moodle instance.
  • Separate and simpler rubric management.
  • Simpler criteria weighting.
  • Simpler interface.
  • Example data and rubrics built in.
  • All guides fully revised:
    1. Step-By-Step guide
    2. Quick guide and
    3. One-page guide.
  • A new support website!

In detail

Separate and Simpler Rubrics

Custom rubrics are now linked (just like the Google Form spreadsheet). This makes editing them super easy and robust.

Also use one of three example rubrics (Short, Long, Detailed and Emoticon).

Use the Custom Rubric Template as a starting point for your new rubric.

Custom Rubric Template

Simpler criteria weighting

Each criteria is now a simple numeric number .

For example, if a criteria maximum is 25, simply set it's weight to 25. The student mark will be scaled accordingly (no more "2.5 x" style weights).


New and Revised Guides

The three guides now are:

  1. Step-By-Step Guide.
  2. The One-page Guide (Running the presentation).
  3. The Grading Form Reference.
Academic Speedback One Page Guide v8.pdf

Simpler Interface

Making the interface as simple as possible but no simpler and the language, plain language have been the two major goals. In this version:

  • Tabs have been renames for clarity.
  • About diagram made simpler.
  • Heading is now 2 rows instead of 3.
  • Condensed and consistently formatted instructions throughout.
  • Changed criteria weight from a scale to raw score (see Simpler criteria weighting).
  • Removed redundant instructions.
  • Reduced the number of fields have to be edited (see Simpler Rubrics).
  • Renamed the Identity-Mapper.xlsx to Presentations-IDs.xlsx.

New Brand and New Support Site -

You are here! Academic Speedback was The Collation Tool. Find Academic Speedback support and news.

Updating to Version 8

From Version 7:

  • Any existing Grading Form and Grading Form Spreadsheet are compatible with version 8.
  • A new Custom Rubric is required. Copy from The Collation Tool version 7 and paste as values into the Custom Rubric Template.
  • Criteria weights need to be revised.

From older versions:

  • Not compatible.