Academic Speedback

A (free) online tool to take the pain out of assessing

Student Seminar and Poster Presentations.

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Guides on how to use the Academic SpeedBack

Collation Tool One Page Guide v8.pdf

What does Academic Speedback do?

It digitises the laborious paper-based student seminar / poster presentations assessment processes by leveraging Google Forms, Google Sheets and MS Excel.

  1. All marks, rubric and assessor comments collated together.
  2. Assessors use an online Google Form to assess.
  3. The coordinator monitors assessors in real time.
  4. Automatically collates assessor & rubric comments for each student.
  5. Automatically averages each criteria score and total mark for each student ~ regardless of how many assessors per student.
  6. Produces a simple spreadsheet for import into your LMS.

What problems does it solve?

Academic Speedback for presentation assessment will help you:

  • Students get feedback quicker
  • Less paper (no transcribing handwriting)
  • Simplifies gradebook data entry
  • Simplifies logistics (no more chasing assessors)
  • Can also be used for formative, qualitative peer review
  • Easily reusable in the next teaching period.

What was the inspiration?

Assoc Professor Kim Plummer found assessing Honour Students’ poster presentations by paper was an administrative nightmare and time sinkhole.

Further, the Learning Designers discovered LMS tools couldn't manage the varying number of assessors per student.

So Academic Speedback was created for Professor Plummer and her colleagues. It has drastically reduced the assessment admin, making this authentic assessment approach viable for them.

It's now available for you to use! Price? $0.